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FY 2017

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Title of Project Project Leader
Projecting Classicism: Visuality, Popularity, and Modernity Professor ARAKI Hiroshi
Popular Culture as Social Movement Professor OTSUKA Eiji
A Cultural History of Sound and Hearing Professor HOSOKAWA Shuhei
Between Narrative Literature and Historical Sources Professor KURAMOTO Kazuhiro
Examining Cultural Discourses in Post-3.11 Japan Visiting Research Scholar Mitsuyo WADA-MARCIANO
Expos and Human History Associate Professor SANO Mayuko
Reconsidering the History of Japanese Religions from the Perspective of Discrimination: The Logic of the Sacred and Impure in Shrines and Temples and Kingship Professor ISOMAE Jun’ichi
Approaching Meiji Japan from the Perspective of a Comparative History of Civilizations: Rethinking its Legacy Professor TAKII Kazuhiro
The Culture Sphere of the Former Japanese Empire: A Reexamination through Graphic Media Professor LIU Jianhui
Knowledge and Power in the Japanese Colonial Empire Professor MATSUDA Toshihiko
Tōzai bunmeiron:Theories of Japanese Uniqueness and the Idea of Japan as the Only Bridge between East and West Visiting Research Scholar Dick STEGEWERNS
Rethinking Postwar Japanese Culture Professor TSUBOI Hideto
East Asian Kingship and Social Order in a Comparative Context: Courts, Empires and States; Thought, Religion and Rites Professor ITO Takayuki
Studies in “In-betweeness” in Cross-cultural Communication Professor INAGA Shigemi
War and Repose for the Souls of the War Dead Professor USHIMURA Kei
A Historical Study of Manners and Customs in Modern East Asia Professor INOUE Shoichi