Current Nichibunken Research Projects

FY 2017

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Title of Project Project Leader
Compilation of the Database of Overseas Images of Japan and Analysis of Japanese Culture through Overseas Image Documents Director-General KOMATSU Kazuhiko
Study of Western Books on Japan Director-General KOMATSU Kazuhiko
Kaii and Yokai Culture Materials Database Project Director-General KOMATSU Kazuhiko
International Collaborative Research on Japan-related Documents and Artifacts Overseas
Ongoing Research Project on Overseas Sources on Modern Japanese Migrants and Their Milieu: A Survey and Study
Professor LIU Jianhui
The Reconstruction and International Expansion of Research on Classical Japanese Literature Professor ARAKI Hiroshi
Digital Humanities Research Project Professor YAMADA Shoji
Japan's “Lost Decades” in Global History Professor TAKII Kazuhiro
Literary Legacies of Kirishitan Culture: Missionary Writings in the Vernacular
"Development of a Field of Comprehensive Bibliographical Studies from an Interdisciplinary Perspective"
Associate Professor INOUE Shoichi
Research Project Relating to "Utsuwa" and "Utsushi" in Cultural Transmission Professor INAGA Shigemi
Heian-Period Chronicles Database Project Professor KURAMOTO Kazuhiro
Historical and International Research into Popular Culture to Pursue New Images of Japan
(Institute-based Project)
Director-General KOMATSU Kazuhiko
NIHU Area Studies Project for Northeast Asia
(Network-based Project)
Professor LIU Jianhui
Coordination between Projects to Make Effective Use of Research Results
(Network-based Project“Japan-related Documents and Artifacts Held Overseas: NIHU International Collaborative Research and Utilization”)
Professor INAGA Shigemi