Specialized Field(s) Musicology, Japanese-Brazilian cultural history
Current Research Themes I pursue contact with Western musical culture from the end of the Tokugawa period to the end of World War II comprehensively, focusing on such topics as instruments, types and locations of performances, technology and media, dance and film, industrialization, and ultranationalism.
Keywords for Research modernization, popular music, popular culture, Japanese immigratioin


1978B.A, University of Tokyo
1982M.A, Tokyo National of Fine Arts and Music
1989Ph.D, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music

Professional Experience

1988Assistant, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
1995Toyota visiting Professor, Center for Japanese Studies, University of Michigan
1996Associate Professor, Tokyo Insitute of Technology
2004Associate Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies
2006Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies


1989Ph.D, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music



『日系ブラジル移民文学 2 ―日本語の長い旅 [歴史]』、みすず書房、800頁、2013年2月
(Nikkei Burajiru Bungaku 2 (The Literature in Japanese-Brazilian Community II [History]), Misuzu Shobo, 800 pages, February 2013.)
『日系ブラジル移民文学 1 ―日本語の長い旅 [評論]』、みすず書房、850頁、2012年12月
(Nikkei Burajiru Bungaku 1 (The Literature in Japanese-Brazilian Community I [Criticism]), Misuzu Shobo, 850 pages, December 2012.)
(Shinemaya Burajiru wo Yuku (Film Exhibitor Goes to Brasil), Shinchosha, Tokyo, February 1998.)
『サンバの国に演歌は流れる』 中公新書、中央公論社、東京、1995年9月
(Samba no Kunini Enka wa Nagareru (Enka in the Country of Samba), Chuo Koronsha, Tokyo, September 1995.)

Co-authored Books

(co-edited) Toru Mitsui Karaoke Around the World. Global Technology and Local Singing, Routledge, London-New York, 1998.


“Key Tunes at the Heart of Japan’s Jazz Age: Americanism and its Indigenization,” Situations 9:1, 2016, pp.49-64.
“Sketches of Silent Film Sound in Japan: Theatrical Functions of Ballyhoo, Orchestras, and Kabuki Ensembles,” The Oxford Handbook of Japanese Cinema, Oxford, 2014.
“The Swinging Phonograph in a Hot Teahouse: Sound Technology and the Emergence of the Jazz Community in Prewar Japan,” Sound, Space and Sociality in Modern Japan, Routledge, London and New York, 2014, pp.108-126.  (translation of Joseph D. Hankins and Carolyn S. Stevens (eds.), )

Academic Society Membership

The Japanese Association for the Study of Popular Music