Deputy Director General

INAGA Shigemi
Specialized Field(s) Comparative literature and culture, history of cultural exchange
Current Research Themes I explore the themes of “in-betweenness,” active and passive, mirror-image relationships, chirality, and the fusion of humanities and scientific knowledge. Also, I co-authored publication in 2016 of Kaizoku shikan kara mita sekaishi no saikōchiku (Pirate's View of the World History: A Reversed Perception of the Order of Things).
Keywords for Research Modernism, Japonism, orientalism, cross-cultural communication


1979B.A., University of Tokyo
1981M.A., University of Tokyo
1988Docteur ès Lettres, l'Université Paris VII (Nouveau Régime)

Professional Experience

1988Assistant, Faculty of Liberal Arts, The University of Tokyo
1990Associate Professor, Mie University
1997Associate Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies
2004Professor, International Research Center for Japanese Studies
2016Professor, Deputy Director-General, International Research Center for Japanese Studies


1988Docteur ès Lettrés, l'Université Paris VII (Nouveau Régime)



『絵画の東方 オリエンタリズムからジャポニスムへ』、名古屋大学出版会、480頁、1999年
(The Orient of the Painting: Orientalism to Japonisme, The University of Nagoya Press, 480 pages, 1999.)
(Le Crépuscule de la peinture : la lutte posthume d'Édouard Manet, The University of Nagoya Press, 467 pages, 1997.)

Co-authored Books

The 38th International Research Symposium: Questioning Oriental Aesthetics and Thinking: Conflicting Visions of “Asia” under the Colonial Empires, International Research Symposium Proceedings 38, International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, 31 March 2011.
Patricia Fister Traditional Japanese Arts snd Crafts in the 21st Century -Reconsidering the Future from an International Perspective, International Research Symposium Proceedings 27, International Research Center for Japanese Studies, Kyoto, 3 September 2007.
Kenneth L. Richard Crossing Cultural Borders: Toward an Ethics of Intercultural Communication -Beyond Reciprocal Anthropology-, International Research Symposium Proceedings 14, International Research Center for Japanese Studies. , Kyoto, 2001.


“The Interaction of Bengali and Japanese Artistic Milieus in the First Half of the Twentieth Century (1901–1945): Rabindranath Tagore, Arai Kanpō and Nandalal Bose,” Japan Review 21, International Research Center for Japanese Studies, 31 August 2009, pp.149-181.



2000. Watsuji Tetsuro Culture Award
1998. Suntory Prize for Social Sciences and Humanities
1998. Ringa Art Incentive Award
1997. Special Award, Shibusawa-Claudel Prize
1980. Japonaiserie Study Society Award

Academic Society Membership

Association for Asian Studies
European Association of Japanese Studies
International Comparative Literature Association
Word and Image, Sociologie de l'art
Japonisme Research Society
Société franco-Japonaise d'art et d'archéologie
Japan Comparative Literature Association
Meiji Art Association
Japan Art History Society